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Experience ultimate revitalization with our herbal hangover remedy, Anteadote, a carefully crafted blend of nature's finest remedies. Harnessing the potent and soothing effects kudzu flower, Japanese tree raisin, and hyacinth bean, this tea forms a robust hangover remedy for use at home. Complemented by the essence of wild blueberries and the comforting aroma of cardamom, every sip of this herbal infusion revitalizes your body after a night of merriment. Embrace the power of nature's healing touch in every cup, and savour the balanced flavours that gently usher you back to vitality.


Ingredients: Wild blueberries*, Kudzu Flower, Japanese Tree Raisin, Hyacinth Bean, Cardamom
* = organic

Serving size: 10g

Servings: 14

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