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Purple Dragon Salve

Purple Dragon Salve

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Introducing Purple Dragon Salve – a potent blend of nature's wisdom for profound healing. Named it’s two main ingredients, Purple Gromwell root, and the resin famously called dragon's blood, this salve utilizes a potent mixture of herbal compounds to work magic on damage to the skin.

Crafted with carefully selected ingredients, Purple Dragon Salve is a powerful ally for mending tissues, preventing infection, and stimulating regeneration. 

More than a salve, it's a pact with nature's magic, offering protection, restoration, and a tangible link to healing. Harness the power of Purple Dragon Salve for bedsores, burns, wounds and other similar skin injuries  

Ingredients: Purple Gromwell root, Dragon's blood, Bearded Skullcap, Drynaria, Comfrey, Frankincense, Pyrite, Beeswax, Borax, Jojoba oil, Ucuubu oil, Mangosteen oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Cacoa butter, Shea Butter


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